Education Quality Development


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Educational Quality Development (1st Floor)

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Mr.H.U.Premathilake Additional Secretary 011-2784863 1172/1111 011-2784863  

School Health and Nutrition Branch

School Health and Nutrition Branch (1st floor)


To present a healthy and active generation of children to the nation

Mission Statement
To make the school children healthy, empower the ones with self-ability to promote health in his family and the community and to prepare them for taking maximum advantage from the available educational opportunities

Specific Objectives
• Minimizing the nutritional issues among the school children
• Minimizeing the health issues among the school children
• Promotion of health and dietary habits
• Creating a health promoting school environment
• Development of health facilities

Functions of the Branch
• Programme of providing meals for school children
• Programme of providing fresh milk for school children
• School health promotion programme
• Programme of providing water and sanitary facilities for schools
• Assisting for the maintenance of school dental clinics
• Making the heads of schools aware of health and nutrition
• Sustainable school development programme

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Director of Education 011-2787842


Assistant Director of Education   1178

Assistant Director of Education   1178

Assistant Director of Education   1194  
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Pirivena Branch


Pirivena Branch (2nd floor)





While preserving the classic education tradition of Sri Lanka, to create a congregation of priest and lay citizens full of knowledge, attitudes and skills suitable for the contemporary requirements

Execution of functions for maintaining the Pirivena education institutions as a system of creating a body of virtuous and disciplined priests who can support the wellbeing of Theravada monastic society and a body of citizens with the self-actualization of Sri Lankan identity

Functions of the branch

  • Performing the education administration and management duties such as the fulfillment of aims and objectives of the Pirivena Education Act, No. 64, 1979 , approving the Pirivenas island wide according to the regulations of the Act, approving the Pirivena teachers, payment of annual grants for the salaries of the heads of Pirivenas and the examinations of Pirivenas, providing resources, approving and developing libraries, categorizing the institutions, curriculum development, subject consultation, teacher training, approval of teachers’ pension and the termination of services of the teachers.
  • Executing the duties such as development in accordance with the provisions in the Pirivena Act, conducting year end examinations of Pirivenas at national level, administration development and monitoring the Pirivena training institutions at Seethawaka and Wenamulla, providing grants to Vidyodaya and Vidyalankara Maha Pirivenas, approving teachers and paying the salaries etc. according to the relevant regulations.
  • Submitting amendments to the series of regulations and the Pirivena Act.
  • Planning and implementing the bilingual education activities according to the education policies.
  • Assisting the Department of Educational Publications for the production of Pirivena text books and providing necessary guidance for the distribution of text books among Pirivenas.
  • Providing necessary assistance to deliver the Pirivena uniforms.
  • Performing relevant duties about the examinations of Pirivenas together with the Department of examinations.
  • Working in relation to Pirivena syllabuses and teacher training teachers’ guides etc. with the National Institute Education.
  • Launching of “Sambhasha” periodical and other publications of the Pirivena branch.
  • Formulating of annual estimates for Pirivenas, formulating and implementing the annual activity plan and executing the duties in relation to Pirivena education with the coordination of government institutions such as the Presidential Secretariat, the Ministry of Religious Affairs, The Ministry of National Unity and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.
  • Carry out the legal activities arising from the matters of Pirivenas.
  • Implementing suitably the instructions and summons of the Pirivena Education Board.

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Director of Education 011-2784893 1240  011-2784893  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Deputy Director of Education        
Deputy Director of Education (Acting)(Central, Sabaragamuwa)        
Asst. Director of Education (Western-01 - Colombo/Kalutara districts)        
Asst. Director of Education (Western-03 - Kalutara districts)        
Asst. Director of Education
(Southern 01-Matara/ Hambantoda districts)

Asst. Director of Education (Western-02 - Gampaha District)

Asst. Director of Education (Central Province)        
Asst. Director of Education (North Central Province)        
Asst. Director of Education (North, Eastern Province)        
Asst. Deputy Director of Education
(North Western-01 – Kurunegala/Ibbagamuwa/Giriulla)
Asst. Deputy Director of Education
(North Western-01 – Puttalam/Nikaweratiya/Kuliyapitiya/Chilaw)
Asst. Director of Education (Uva)        
Asst. Director of Education (Sabaragamuwa)        
  011-2784893  1240    


Aesthetic Education Branch



To give aesthetic human being to the nation.

Building a proper society in which the child socializes himself being cooperative interactive and enjoying the meaningful behavior along with the teachers guidance and direction

Functions of the Branch

  • Empowering the competencies to the students through improving the quality of education on the subject such as drawing, dance (Sinhala, Bharatha}, music (oriental, western), play and drama (Sinhala, Tamil, English)
  • Capacity building of the teachers
  • Maintaining the appropriate teaching and learning culture of the school while providing human and physical resources
  • Providing required assistance to all government and non-government organizations on the subject
  • Preparing suitable foundation to the society filled with talent and experience
  • Conducting competitions on all island school drawing ,dance,music, drama and performance art and western music etc. in order to nourish the school children’s talent, attitude and social interest, organizing and holding
  • Providing necessary assistance to the National Institute of Education to prepare the school syllabus with good quality in order to develop the school children’s educational achievements
  • Coordinate all the relevant authorities for the benefit of the aesthetic subject development

Staff Details

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Director of Education 011-2784259 1183  011-2784259  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Deputy Director of Education   1174    
Assistant Director of Education   1186    
Assistant Director of Education   1185    
Assistant Director of Education   1173    
 Branch 011-2784259  1187    

Teacher Education Branch

 Staff Details

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Chief Commissioner
(Teacher Education)
011-2784816 1355 011-2784816  

Branches under this

  1. National Colleges of Education Branch
  2. Teacher Education Administration Branch


Science Branch


Science Branch (1st Floor)


  • Providing science knowledge, attitude and competency for daily life
  • Producing suitable citizens for the modern world
  • Providing opportunities for the necessity of future higher education
  • Producing Eco friendly citizens

Providing necessary science knowledge for technological society

Functions of the Branch

  • Science field centers related activities – capacity building of the teachers and officials
  • National Olympics Competitions – preparation of students for the competition
  • Science programs for daily life – conducting teacher and student practical programs with the help of National Institute of Education and universities
  • “Isuru” school teacher training program – training workshop for G.C.E. (O/L) science teachers, programs for the Isuru school teachers’ training
  • Supplying of science instruments and services – provide recommendations to procure the science-lab instruments and chemical stuff, capacity building trainings for laboratory assistants
  • Educating the teachers on the issues of the prevailing power problems and the alternative solutions with the coordination of sustainable power authority

Staff details

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Director of Education 011-2786062 1155  011-2786062  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Assistant Director of Education   1131     
Assistant Director of Education   1157    
Assistant Director of Education   1156    
 Branch 011-2786062 1158  

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