Sri Lanka UNESCO National Commission

Sri Lanka UNESCO National Commission (UNESCO) (5th floor)


By participating the programs of United Nations Educational, science and Cultural Organization, contributing to human development, protection of peace, freedom and welfare to make availability of harmony among people through  education, science, culture and communication to develop universal recognition further, for justice, law, administration, human and fundamental rights approved for the mankind of the world irrespective of differences of nationality, sex, language and religion & etc. by enactment of United Nation Organization

Functioning as national coordinating center of UNESCO, to provide contribution to all philosophies

Functions of the branch

  • To fulfill objects in the fields such as  education, science, culture, media, social  science and ecology & etc. implemented by the headquarters of UNESCO, assisting respective Ministries providing fullest cooperation
  • To achieve peace and firm development, acting jointly with government and non- government organizations, and organizations functioning along with UNESCO
  • Implementing UNESCO programs among national and international schools
  • Co-operating with UNESCO and institutions related to UNESCO, conducting conferences and training workshops, locally and internationally
  • To uplift up activities related to UNESCO projects, taking actions to obtain necessary fund


Staff Details

Designation Telephone No. Fax
Direct Extension
(Hon. Minister of Education)
011-2784832 1333 011-2784832 
Secretary of Education 011-2784811 1336  011-2784811
Secretary General 011-2177006 1505  011-2177006
Accountant 011-2784834 1503  
 Branch 011-2177002/
1500 011-2177007




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