Education Sector Development Program (ESDP) Sector Monitoring & Technical Support Unit (SMTSU)


Promoting strategies in Monitoring and Technical Support for ESDP/ ESDFP to improve efficiency, transparency and timely performance to achieve excellence in Education.

Regulating and providing services to all school education agencies optimizing the use of available resources and institutions by providing technical and monitoring support.

Functions of the Branch/ Unit

  • Provide technical support with appropriate coordinating and monitoring functions under ESDFP at national and provincial levels including MoE agencies aiming at achieving the DLRs and DLIs of ESDP.
  • Establish mechanisms to enhance performance of implementing agencies by signing Performance Based Partnership Agreements (PPA)
  • Coordinate and facilitate with ADB and ERD on covenants of ESDP Loan No 3008 SRI and 3009 SRI (SF)
  • Obtain the services of key specialists in major functional areas of SMTSU/ ESDP/ ESDFP and the personnel deployed for technical assistance by ADB to deliver the outputs/ outcomes of ESDP/ ESDFP.

Staff Details

Designation Telephone No. Fax
Direct Extension
 SMTSU General Office 011-2784862 1535 011-2784362 
Program Head, ESDP/ SMTSU 011-2784868 1523  011-2784868
Education Specialist, ESDP/ SMTSU 011-2787059 1539  
Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, ESDP/ SMTSU 011-2786703 1540  
Education Infrastructure Engineering Specialist, ESDP/ SMTSU 011-2784377 1544  
Procurement Officer, ESDP/ SMTSU
011-2784564 1536  


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